Ice Machine Lease Options

Leasing a New Commercial Ice Maker is more common now and S & W Refrigeration can help you determine the right machine for you at the right price!

Probably the most significant advantage to leasing is that it can save capital and keep your upfront costs low. You can use that cash flow for other expenses, especially if just starting up.

Others include:

  • Service and Maintenance are usually contracted into the lease
  • Flexible terms and payments
  • Options just add a few points to a lease
  • Easier to Upgrade to newer models
  • Sign and drive buyer feel
  • Often 100% tax-deductable as an operating expense (check with your accounting professional)

Most all manufacturers have leasing options and S & W Refrigeration is able to negotiate very competitive deals with the manufactures since it has been servicing customers for over 20 years!

Professional, Full-Service Ice Machine Repair by Certified Technicians

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