How do you clean a commercial ice machine?

Pellet Ice Is the Good Ice
Pellet Ice Is the Good Ice

Commercial ice machines are the unsung workhorses of the beverage and foodservice industries, keeping drinks at optimal temperatures for taste and safety. Yet this piece of equipment can easily be forgotten when it comes to cleaning, allowing deposits including limescale and mold to develop that could contaminate ice and put customers at risk for illness. Since ice is considered a food by the FDA, it’s important to meet government standards by regularly cleaning and sanitizing all components. Do you know how to clean an ice machine?

Some simple tips you can do!

Interior Ice Machine Cleaning:

  1. Turn off  the ice machine and remove all ice from the bin or dispenser
  2. Wipe the interior of the bin to remove excess water and loose dirt and soil
  3. Apply properly diluted Ice Machine Cleaner to the interior of the bin. 
  4. Allow the cleaner to remain on surfaces to dissolve scale and deposits; scrub stubborn deposits as needed
  5. Rinse with fresh water
  6. Wipe dry and apply a food-safe sanitizing solution. 
  7. Allow drying before turning on the machine

Exterior Ice Machine Cleaning:

  1. Wipe exterior surfaces to remove loose dirt and soil
  2. Apply diluted Ice Machine Cleaner to exterior surfaces
  3. Use a damp cloth or non-abrasive pad to remove deposits
  4. Rinse with fresh water
  5. Wipe dry and apply a food-safe sanitizing solution. 
  6. Allow drying
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